Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships for Masters in Public Health / MPH Students

While earning your masters in public health, or MPH, can lead to better job opportunities and a higher salary, the cost of education is on the rise and many students just can’t afford to pay for college themselves. Luckily, there is a way in which you can go back to school without breaking the bank. MPH grants, MPH scholarships, and other forms of financial aid are readily available for students who want an advanced degree.

MPH Grants

As an undergraduate student, you may have received the federal Pell Grant, which is made available to all students who demonstrate need. While this money isn’t available to graduate school students, there are other sources of grant money set up to help those who meet financial criteria. Grants do not have to be repaid, so they are essentially a free source of money for college.While outside organizations do occasionally offer grants for students in public health programs, especially for specific research programs, these funds are most commonly available directly from colleges, so you should start you grant search with you school’s financial department.

MPH Scholarships

The main difference between grants and scholarships is that students typically don’t need to show financial need in order to be eligible for a scholarship. Rather, these awards are given based on merit, such as a specific talent/skill, a high GPA, or a winning scholarship essay. At the master’s degree level, fellowships are more common than scholarships. The idea is similar, but with a fellowship, you might be required to perform teaching assistant or research assistant duties in exchange for the money. Scholarships are offered by a number of school directly to their students, and you can also find them through outside organizations such as the National Health Service Corps, Tylenol, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Association of Schools of Public Health, Pfizer, the Society for Public Health Education, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Other Forms of Financial Aid

Though not as popular as scholarships and grants, you might also be able to participate in a loan repayment or tuition reimbursement program through your employer. If you already work in the public health field, some companies offer money to their workers to go back to school Student loans are also an option, and while these do nneed to be repaid, they can usually be deferred until you graduate.

Top Public Health Masters Degrees

Walden University
MPA: Health Policy
Walden University: Walden University's Master of Public Health and MPA in health policy degrees strengthen core competencies in diversity, communications, and leadership, as well as the core disciplines of public health. Each program uses real-world case studies and gives students access to scholars and experienced workers in government, health and nonprofit sectors to make the transition from theory to practice easy.
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Kaplan University
MPH: Epidemiology
MPH: Health Education
MPH: Program Dev.
Kaplan University: Kaplan University offers Master of Public Health degrees in epidemiology, health education, and public health program development. These MPH programs are designed for those seeking leadership and managerial positions in government or non-profit organizations within the health industry. Courses include applying scientific research and statistics, developing public health policies and programs, and designing education programs for diverse communities.
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Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University: Consisting of a demanding 48-unit curriculum, the Grand Canyon University Master of Public Health program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in public health and medicine. The program ends with a practicum and capstone project that students can tailor towards their area of interest.
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Boston University
MS: Health Communication
Boston University: Boston University's MS in Health Communication offers a dynamic, exciting curriculum that stresses the promotion of health care messages, including public health and targeted disease education. Graduates will be able to communicate messages clearly and professionally on disease prevention and health awareness.
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